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Planning/Urban Design
Description :
A vision of the future is the impetus for planning. Planning sets the stage for what will become reality. It looks beyond today to see a future that may be years or possibly decades ahead. It is the lens for how we collectively see the future.

Planning, by its nature, is multi-disciplinary. It requires input from many to be responsive to the needs of all. Input from public discussion and consensus-building is an integral part of the planning process. This input distills those principles that are commonly held to create a common vision. Long-range goals from this common vision form the flexible design framework for future implementation.

Knowledge of both the needs of today as well as tomorrow guides the process and, eventually, the master plan. Our staff approaches each planning project uniquely. Consideration of economic opportunities and challenges, site strengths and weaknesses, and social context all play a significant role in each project. The involvement of stakeholders, governmental and political bodies and the formation of partnerships are an integral part of the process for any successful planning endeavor.

LK's multi-disciplinary approach coupled with extensive national experience allows us to look at each project comprehensively. Recognizing national trends while tailoring each plan to the unique regional and local idiosyncrasies and needs.

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