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Landscape Architecture
Description :
The art and practice of Landscape Architecture is: the creation of places that speak to the influences of both the physical and social parameters while integrating the built environment within regional context. Seamlessly blending the demands of the constructed with those of the site. Acting with nature and natural processes to accommodate the activities of the user. Drawing inspiration from nature to create sustainable landscapes that enhance sites and create memorable places.

Our Landscape Architecture department is passionate about the creation of place and the integration between Architecture and the environment. We pay attention to each site's uniqueness to determine the best manner in which to utilize space while enhancing existing attributes to resolve development issues impacting sites.

Designing with nature and natural processes are key in how we approach each project. Solutions that work with the natural tenancies of each site reduce long-term maintenance while touching the land as lightly as possible to reduce impact and cost

Site Analysis & Inventory
Streetscape & Plaza Design
Waterfront Design
Trails & Open space
Parks & Recreation Design
Planting & Irrigation Design.
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